Distinct Live Barn Virtual Event Live Studio

A virtual event live studio in Oxfordshire can now offer the perfect way to continue communicating with your customers and employees.

Distinct Solutions offers the answer to professional delivery of virtual events that best represents you and your brand.

Distinct Live Barn supplies the advice, equipment and technical support you need to be able to deliver simple and cost-effective messages to your audience with the added benefit of enhanced audio and imagery. This will ensure your presentations are much more polished, giving you a professional finish that sets you apart.

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Distinct Live Barn virtual event solution
Distinct Live Barn virtual event solution
Distinct Live Barn virtual event solution
Distinct Live Barn virtual event solution

We have created a virtual event live studio environment at our offices in Bucknell, Oxfordshire so that you and your presenting team can work in a remote and safe location. Our studio is available as a hassle-free solution, allowing you the time to focus on your event content.

At our studio, we have all the production equipment needed to support your presentations, including a green screen environment, and an experienced technical and production team to guide you through the delivery of your event.

Our 1,000 sq. foot virtual event live studio space has two versatile presentation areas. A lectern for key note speakers and a lounge/table area for more relaxed (panel style) presenting. The studio environment can be branded and lit to a corporate colour scheme giving your event a bespoke look and feel: it goes without saying that we’ll look after your brand and always ensure your messaging is consistent.

Our virtual event live studio also provides the option of green screen creativity. You are no longer restricted to a single background image, but we can transport you into a three dimensional animated world where your presentations can come to life.

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You can call us on 01869 354700 or email us directly at team@distinct-solutions.co.uk