Choosing a successful event company

Choosing an event company is a tricky business. Who to trust? Who really will do an amazing job? With only one shot, it’s essential to make the right choice and because we believe in making life easier, here are some thoughts to help with your decision:

  • At Distinct Solutions, we’re masters of producing successful, stress-free, smooth running events (and we’re experts at pulling metaphorical rabbits out of hats and waving double strength magic wands).

  • We really do believe that anything is possible.

  • We’ll never go over budget on an agreed brief.

  • Because we know what it’s like to be the client (we’ve been there),we promise to run your event as if it was our own. We’ll be the proud parents tucked away in the wings, making sure you look amazing in front of delighted crowds.

  • We’re carbon neutral, which enables us to ensure your event is green, sustainable and ticks all the right eco-friendly boxes.

  • Events are our passion. (And at the risk of sounding slightly cheesy…we don’t just like what we do, we love it!)

Being a successful event production company isn’t just about providing audio visual equipment, it’s far more than that. We create theatre, we capture your delegates’ imagination and we leave behind positive memories and associations.

And of course it goes without saying that we’ll look after your brand and always ensure your messaging is consistent.

Discover and create your event

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